Centenary Projects

Chilwell Memorial Institute and Hall are approaching their centenary year. We opened in 1924 and we want to commemorate 100 years in existence by further enhancing our facilities so that our local residents will have more opportunities to enjoy their life in our neighbourhood.
Front of Hall. Could it be improved?
Maybe something like this in the semi-circular space above the front door?
Redevelop the snooker room for additional room to hire?

Please contribute to our plans by telling us what improvements you would like to see at “The Hall”.

Suggestions so far:

Tidy up the veranda

Imagine a lovely clock above the veranda maybe with some painted poppies?
  • Level and power sand the floor. Stain and varnish.
  • Replace the green netting with clear “breathable” polycarbonate.
  • Replace or improve steps. Replace rotting wood. Total re-paint.
  • Improve the lighting on the veranda and between the veranda and the new court.
  • Install new sloping transparent roof for veranda or renovate existing roof and add solar panels or both?

Convert the snooker room into a multi-purpose activity room. The “Centenary Suite” maybe?

  • Clear the snooker room.
  • Replace windows so people can see in and out.
  • Replace the door leading out on to the veranda– maybe sliding double with floor to ceiling glass or polycarbonate panes.
  • Redecorate throughout.
  • Re-Carpet or replace / renew the wooden floor.
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Imagine something like this painted in the half-moon above the front door of the Memorial Hall. A lasting tribute.
  • Furnish for use as a place for people to meet, have coffee, participate in smaller group activities.
  • Replace existing partition between the main hall and snooker room with a stud wall (soundproofed). Alternatively, install a modern slidable partition that allows for larger attendances at events such as quizzes, shows etc.

Front and rear aspects of the Memorial Hall

  • Commission a Great War memorial art installation for the front of the building gable end.
  • This could be from the local artist who has done the murals in Beeston.
  • This could be along the lines shown or maybe The Canary Girls or a montage of both?
  • Install a large clock at the rear of the building above the veranda– maybe with poppies surrounding it?
  • The one pictured illuminates at night – approximately 1m in diameter.
  • To save money maybe the existing partition could be renovated…if possible?
Imagine a clock like this one above the veranda at the rear of the Hall

Major project suggestions

  • Square up building from kitchen to gate.
  • Add a flat or sloping roof.
  • Redesign interior to include disabled access / toilet(s).
  • Expand “Centenary Suite”.
  • Utilise increased floor space to fit needs.

Tell us what you think?