Policy on Photography

Chilwell Memorial Institute Lawn Tennis Club

Policy on Photography

Anyone (parents, carers, spectators etc) wishing to use photographic equipment to capture images of anyone participating in club activities (this includes spectators) must:

  • Firstly, ask the organiser / club official present for permission to do so and …
  • …explain why you are taking the images and what they will be used for, to ensure that individuals / parents/carers/supervisors are giving informed consent.
  • Secondly,  ask the individuals concerned for permission to do so.
  • If the individuals concerned are below the age of 18 permission has to be granted by the appropriate adult ( parent / carer / teacher / supervisor) with the clear authority to do so.

Anyone wishing to use photographic equipment who has not followed the above protocols will be requested to stop using photographic equipment and to delete any images that may have been taken.

Representatives of the press / local media must alert the club of their intention to photograph any event held at the club at least 48 hours in advance of the event.

If you have any concerns about inappropriate photography, this should be reported to an event organiser, or Club official or the Welfare Officer.


It is OK for a photographer to take photos when you are on court, as long as you are happy with this and your parent or carer has told the photographer that it is OK to do so.

If you see someone taking photos or filming and that makes you feel worried, tell your parents or carer, or the event organiser or Welfare Officer straight away.

Image and video content

All children featured in images or videos must be

  • Appropriately dressed with clothing covering their torso from neck to thighs
  • Featured with other children playing tennis
  • In groups with other children or adults where possible
  • Representative of diversity where possible

Inappropriate use of images should be reported to the LTA Safe and Inclusive Tennis Team and the Police.

Publishing Images

Give adequate thought to the selection of images in publicity material both printed and on-line ( including social media).

Draft 09 / 09 / 2021