Defibrillator at Chilwell Manor Golf Club

CMI are proud to sponsor the installation of the defibrillator at CMGC. It will benefit not just golfers, but those who participate in activities at CMI, the Lanes Schools and all of our local community who are within range. Well done CMGC for pioneering this initiative and all the members and organisations who have helped to fund this potentially life-saving community device.

New defibrillator

Hall and Activities

The hall and outdoor space are now fully open and being used, also most clubs and activities are functioning again.

We are still operating with caution and following Government guidelines for COVID19.

We ask all users to please respect these guidelines and act in a way that protects others and prevents the virus from spreading.

Visit our activities pages to see what in on.

Welcome to our new website

This is our new website and provides new information and functions.

Why do this?

  • Because our old website lacked the modern functions we require to operate the Hall and users.
  • Because it will allow users to view and interact with our website across multiple platforms.

New artificial grass surface with floodlights

The Institute and committee members have spent the last 4 years on a project to build an all-weather functionable sports surface for primarily Tennis and Netball. This included gaining planning permission for a new entrance from meadow lane and floodlighting. The construction of surface and lights were completed in August 2020.

The construction work was jointly funded from Sport England, Nottinghamshire County Council and the Institute. This work could not have happened with out this support.

The new surface is one of the best, ‘a high pro-quality artificial sport grass surface’ its performance for Tennis is one of the best recognised by the ITF, LTA and SAPCA. The surface is rated as ITF 3 Medium Speed.

New surface with floodlighting

Outdoor improvements

Grass surface

During the Autumn and Winter of 2020, we invested in the replacement of the our grass surface behind the hall. This has been a committee action for many year and finally with construction of the artificial court the Institute and Tennis Club committees agreed to joint fund the work.

Following a number of challenges, a very wet October, snow mould, and very dry April, finally the contractor has handed over the grass surface.

New grass surface